Diamonds are known in India for over 3,000 years.


of diamonds

  • 3000 years of heritage

    Diamonds have been known in India for more than three millennia, first recognised and mined when significant alluvial deposits were found along the banks of the Panna, Krishna and Godavari rivers. Brought to light in our great country, the world was then introduced to the splendour and glory of the rarest of gems ever known.

  • From India to Europe

    Some historians estimate that diamond trading began in India as early as the fourth century B.C., with stones gathered from rivers and streams. The country yielded limited quantities for an equally limited market, comprised of India’s very wealthy. Gradually this changed as Indian diamonds found their way, along with other exotic merchandise, to Western Europe in the caravans bound for Venice’s medieval markets.

  • A family of pioneers

    The Amy Diam Group is a diamond house rooted in Indian culture & history, the market leader in manufacturing perfect Hearts & Arrows diamonds since the 1960s. Our father, Gildharlal Shah, founded the original company with the simple philosophy of going ‘beyond excellence’ in both product and service. This intention has been instrumental in helping us become a globally recognised specialist in manufacturing fine polished Hearts & Arrows diamonds, precision calibrated and ideal cut.

  • Five decades of expertise

    Our passion and global market insight has allowed Amy Diam Group to carve out a niche, providing the ideal Hearts & Arrows as well as special patented-cut diamonds. Now, with more than 50 years of professional experience and high-quality production, the group is respected internationally; we’re justifiably proud of our flawless reputation within trade circles. We achieve true brilliance with measurably greater light reflection than ordinary diamonds, as captured by our signature 8 Hearts range—now presented to the diamond lover for the first time.

8 Hearts diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance. Others are cut to maximize carat weight. The difference is legendary.

Our 4 C's



From our expert diamond craftsmen to our state-of-the art technology: both serve a single mission; to carve diamonds of incomparable quality with dedication to fulfil all your needs. We take these skills to industry-recognised levels of accomplishment. Our detailed accuracy ensures perfect configurations, expressing the transcendental beauty of the 8 Hearts diamond. With cutting-edge engineering programs and meticulous planning, we optimise our cutting and polishing in order to surpass the standards for the perfect 3EX high-light-performing Hearts & Arrows diamond. Your 8 Hearts diamond is guaranteed to be “a cut above” all others.



After five decades of meticulously honing our craft, we can confidently say we are committed to a product that is unparalleled in our time. However, our commitment goes beyond just our product, with a promise to keep improving our service to our Customer. As one of the oldest members of Shanghai Diamond Exchance and a pioneer in other South-East Asian Countries, we have been able to serve our Customer with integrity and wisdom.



Each and every 8 Hearts diamond is carved by skilled craftsmen in our manufacturing facility. This allows us to maintain firm control over the quality of all polished diamonds, and it gives you the assurance of consistency. Each 8 Hearts stone manufactured in our factory is a high-light-performing diamond, achieving superior Fire, Scintillation and Brilliance as a quantifiable and visible proof of the beauty of our diamond. Moreover, over 95% of our stones are certified with a 3EX cutting grade and a beautiful 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows pattern.



8 Hearts’ philosophy has always revolved around the customer. Our customer is the reason for our existence and the only guarantee to our future. Everything we do must delight our customer, each time and always.

We believe in working proactively and going the extra mile to perpetually nurture and grow our Customer relationships to ensure that 8 Hearts remains their first choice.

8 Hearts strives to make you feel special and enhance your status in the society.

Our Niche

Hearts and Arrows


8 hearts of 8 Hearts diamond


8 arrows of 8 Hearts diamond

8 Hearts and 8 Arrows

The quintessence of cutting

The 8 Hearts diamond is brilliantly beautiful, ideal cut, with triple very high light reflection and exhibits a distinctively perfect symmetrical pattern. It delivers on our professional mantra of ‘beyond excellence’ in each and every aspect. We pursue perfection at every stage of the manufacturing process, from rough to polished, from mine to market, all within the walls of our wholly owned facilities. No aspect is outsourced, as we believe that the pursuit of perfection is best entrusted to our experienced team. Because of this, we can safely ensure that each 8 Hearts diamond has the most perfectly cut Hearts and Arrows you’ll ever set your eyes on. Simply ‘good’ is not good enough for an 8 Hearts diamond. As a result, every finished stone tells the 8 Hearts story; a story of excellent quality and uniform consistency, time and time again.

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Kimberley Process

Kimberley Process Compliant

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is an international initiative introduced by governments, industry and civil society in 2003 to stem the flow of conflict diamonds entering the mainstream rough diamond market. It sets out requirements to control rough diamond production and trade, requires participating nations to establish suitable legislation and institutions, control import, export and internal markets; as well as commitments to transparency and information exchange. KPCS participants can only trade with other participants who have also met the scheme’s minimum requirements. International shipments of rough diamonds are accompanied by a KPCS certificate guaranteeing they are conflict-free. Each and every 8 Hearts diamond is KPCS certified.

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Certified Excellence

Each 8 Hearts diamond is certified with industry-recognised laboratories for Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity. However, in addition to the 4C certificate which is provided with most diamonds in the market today, 8 Hearts goes one step beyond in the pursuit of excellence and certifies the light performance of its diamonds, with the help of three scientifically measurable parameters (brilliance, fire, and scintillation). The brilliance and fire of a diamond signify the light reflecting ability of the stone in white and coloured lights respectively, whereas the scintillation signifies the sparkle of a diamond as it moves.

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Our creations are conceived to reveal the brilliance.

Our Signature Cuts

65 Facets Brilliant

  • 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows
  • 3EX grade with 2VH+ light performance (Fire and Scintillation)
  • In spite of being similar in look to the regular 57-facet brilliant stone, this cut has added faceting, contributing to more light reflection and sparkle than its more popular counterpart.

and many more…

Our Responsibility

Building a Brighter Future

In India, 7 million children under the age of 14 do not have access to quality education. Approximately half of all children do not complete their elementary education.

At the Amy Diam Group, we believe that children’s right to a quality education should be upheld wherever possible through the provision of inclusive learning environments. We established and are proud to sponsor a school in the town of Navsari, Gujarat attended by 2,000 children aged from 3 to 16 years. It is our hope that our continued support of this facility will continue to benefit not only the children of the town, but the community as a whole.

A Note from Our President

The Amy Diam Group was founded more than half a century ago, borne of my father’s love for diamonds. Over the years since it has become known across the world for providing beautiful stones to the fine jewellery industry. Our achievements have been the result of passion and craftsmanship coming together. A diamond house that is known for total integrity from sourcing through to delivery, offering our customers a consistent supply of our signature ideal cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds through our network of seven offices worldwide. Years spent tirelessly honing our manufacturing expertise has allowed us to finally share 8 Hearts with you, the customer. Our ambition is to convey excellence in every dimension and to craft the perfect stone. On behalf of my team and my family, it is with great honour and pride that we offer the result of a half-century of passion and love for the diamond.

Girish Shah

President, 8 Hearts & Director, Amy Diam Group

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